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Fix for a Broken Industry

The music industry today is locked in a feedback loop. High costs for recording sessions with professional musicians discourage aspiring music creators and lead to fewer jobs for musicians. Musiversal aims to break this “vicious circle” by making recording more affordable and giving musicians a dependable income stream.

Anyone Can Be A Music Creator

Musiversal is making music production 10 times easier and 10 times cheaper than current industry models opening new avenues for creativity to anyone who wants to create music. The platform’s co-founders explain how it allows people to produce and record with professional session musicians, vocalists, and producers worldwide

Sacrificing for Your Art? Try A Steady Gig Instead

It’s no secret: many people who devote their lives to music have a hard time making a living at it. Musiversal co-founders Martin Quach, André Miranda and Xavier Jameson discuss how the platform is giving musicians a steady income and more security for themselves and their families.

Turning the Gig Economy on Its Head

There’s a reason the gig economy is named for the lifestyles of working musicians. Living from gig to gig and trying to work as a session player is like driving for Uber, says Musiversal CEO André Miranda, who has experienced that life. He explains how the platform is hiring talented musicians worldwide musicians and giving them steady work.

Eat Play Love

Life on the road is hard for working musicians. It brings crazy hours, sleeping on a bus, eating unhealthy food and extended time away from loved ones. What if it didn’t have to be that way? Musiversal’s visionaries share how the platform is making life happier and healthier for those who devote their lives to music.

Music Without Borders

During the pandemic, musicians worldwide used Zoom and other online resources to create and collaborate. But you don’t have to be Toyah and Robert Fripp to bring some of the world’s best musicians into your home studio. Musiversal’s co-founders share some of ways people are using the platform to engage top-tier musicians for creative projects.

The Minds Behind Musiversal

André Miranda worked as a musician and studied film scoring, international music business, and technology and prototype development. Martin Quach spent a decade working for companies such as Google, Red Bull, and Intersection Ventures. Xavier Jameson is a musician, composer, and scientist who founded two startups. Musiversal’s cofounders tell how they came up with this revolutionary new way to produce music.

Your Song, Easy as 1 2 3

Musiversal is a remote recording studio made up of professional musicians, vocalists, producers and engineers. The platform’s cofounders explain how to book a session, collaborate with world-class musicians via high-resolution audio and video, and download recordings that bring your music to life.

Empowering Global Musical Collaboration in the Pandemic and Beyond

During the pandemic, Musiversal has employed musicians around the world by tapping into the power of livestreaming for musical collaboration, creation and production. The platform’s cofounders discuss how it is expanding opportunities for music creators and musicians worldwide.

Remote Work For Musicians, Forever

The switch to online work is accelerating, with companies such as Twitter switching to a permanent remote workforce as a survey finds 61% of respondents prefer a fully remote environment. Musiversal’s creators explain how the platform is allowing musicians around the world to work from home, be closer to their families, and have more control over their time.
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