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Musiversal: Changing How Music Is Made So Anyone Can Be a Music Creator

This groundbreaking platform allows anyone to record and produce their own music engaging world-class professional musicians

Today the music industry is failing to support many professional musicians while pricing out many aspiring music creators. The new platform Musiversal is disrupting that paradigm by making it possible for anyone to engage world-class musicians to create the tracks of their dreams.

Musiversal is designed to make anyone a music creator by making music production 10 times easier and 10 times cheaper than current industry norms. It's the only platform that gives people live access to top-tier, highly curated session musicians, vocalists, and music producers worldwide under one simple subscription.

Musiversal provides live recording sessions and music production with seasoned session musicians, allowing aspiring songwriters, composers, and other artists to create music via remote sessions from anywhere in the world. It already provides full-time employment to dozens of professional musicians, and will hire 100 more from all over the world this year..

For working musicians, Musiversal aims to turn the gig economy upside down. Musicians who have struggled to find enough work while the industry rakes in huge profits are freed to work hours of their choosing for salaries that support them.

“The industry is in a vicious circle where it’s pricing out aspiring music creators,” says Musiversal Chief Growth Officer Martin Quach, who developed the platform with founder André Miranda and cofounder Xavier Jameson. “And because of that, there are fewer jobs for musicians. And when there are fewer jobs for musicians, musicians who want to make a living have to charge more.”

As fewer aspiring creators can afford to hire professional musicians, they may default to using samples. But it takes a long time to program samples to sound real, and the quality often falls short of what seasoned players can provide in live sessions.

Now, Musiversal allows music creators to book sessions directly with its multifaceted stable of seasoned professionals, and collaborate and direct their sessions via live stream from anywhere in the world. This empowers music creators to create their own sound with a highly personal and human touch.

A New Vision for the Music Industry

Musiversal aims to create “hundreds of jobs for musicians everywhere and an affordable, high quality way for music creators to create their music. We want every professional and aspiring composer, songwriter and producer to consider trying Musiversal in the next 12 months,” says André, Musiversal’s founder and CEO.

“What we're doing has never been done before in any industry whatsoever,” he says. “If we keep growing Musiversal, it will be an immense win for the music industry, specifically for the musicians and music creators. Musicians get stable income; music creators get to create high quality music for a fraction of the current price."

For Musicians, Predictable Income, Happier Lives

Musiversal plans to hire 100 musicians in 2021 to become a massive worldwide engine for music production. The platform allows aspiring music creators to engage talented musicians for a flat-rate subscription rather than paying $200 per hour or more, while providing musicians with guaranteed work.

"It's the dream of many musicians to make a living of their passion for music,” Martin says. “Having more job opportunities makes that dream possible. With a stable and workable salary, the hourly compensation becomes secondary.

:That’s what we do. We offer a job for our musicians so they can know with confidence that they can take care of their kids or take a mortgage to actually purchase a house for their family.”

André has worked as a film composer and executive producer in New York and Los Angeles prior to founding Musiversal.

“The music industry is hard for musicians. It’s very unpredictable,” he says. “It’s much closer to Uber than we would like to admit, going from gig to gig. Nobody wants that insecurity.”

That experience — along with higher education in Film Scoring, International Music Business, and Technology and Prototype Development — motivated him to develop “a better way of organizing the industry that works for everybody.”

“Our model generates cheaper music production for users, but it also generates jobs for the musicians, and this makes a world of difference,” he says.

“As a gig musician, you spend probably 80 percent of your time chasing clients or emailing back and forth,” Martin adds. “Many people just take their instrument, hang it on the wall and start pursuing some random career that isn't really fulfilling for them.”

Musiversal’s distributed model enables musicians to “just do the one thing they really love,” he says. Meanwhile, making their own schedule and having a dependable income allows them to lead healthier, happier lives. A professional musician in New York, for instance, can plan his day to spend time with his family, and still count on steady work to take care of their needs.

Meanwhile, Musiversal aims to create new avenues for creativity for its subscribers. People who have never thought of themselves as music creators can, for instance, compose and produce a piece of music as a gift for a loved one.

“What Instagram did to photography, we're looking to do to music,” says Martin, who spent 10 years working for companies such as Google, Red Bull, and Intersection Ventures before joining Musiversal. “It's allowing human beings to express themselves in another dimension that doesn't exist as a possibility for the average person today.”

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